Monthly Archives: April 2015

Springtime Stress — Otherwise known as “payment due”

Don’t you just hate the words “payment due?”

I hate it. Seriously. I hate getting bills, I hate juggling the ebb and flow of personal finances, and I guess partially I under-anticipated how much worse it would be as a business owner.

Add in there the added abuse that now I’m a person who has to call other people and say “Payment Due” makes a girl want to pack it in and move south to a beach instead of slogging away at this rock-infested land to create an opportunity where people can actually meet the person growing their food.

But slog on, I will. Actually we’re just finishing up lunch here. Next I get to do something super-duper fun:plant the peas and carrots. (Sorry, just heard Forrest Gump in my head as I wrote this). Then finish up transplanting the remaining two flats of peppers and tomatoes, and seed some delicious spinach, broccoli rabe and turnips.

After all, “Payment Due” is going to work itself out one way or another, and when it does, I better be ready to make my payment in kind. After all, we all get “payment due” signs every day.