Monthly Archives: August 2015

Plantain plant!


My friends from Bella Terra Farm, the wonderful Joan and Paul aka the Butcher and the Vegetarian, came by for dinner!

It’s the first time they’ve visited us so we gave them the tour. After inspecting our bee hives, Joan told me a wonderful little treatment for bee stings.

She informed me that if I get a bee sting, search for this lovely little weed. Pull off one of the Green leaves and make a spit poultice by chewing up the leave and placing it directly onto the sting. Wrap a bandage onto it to hold in place for an hour, and it will draw out the bee venom.

It almost makes me eager for my next sting so I can witness another miracle from nature.

Thanks Joan!  I’ll keep you posted..

Delivery day CSA 2015


I must remember for next year, its a long slog through June and July waiting for these guys, but man-oh-man is it worth it!

The beefsteak tomatoes are finally getting ripe on the plant and they taste just as amazing as they do every year.

We’ve planted a red Rebekah, a pink German, an orange Valencia, a green Evergreen and a purple Krim.

Doctors always say to be at your most healthy, eat a rainbow…

Our little Tuesday adventure…


On Tuesday morning, a bicyclist tapped on our front door to notify us that a coyote was hanging out at the fence staring at our piglets.

The biker also informed me that the coyote did not look well, and was showing possible symptoms of rabies, including drool coming out of his mouth.

I grabbed Stubborn Boy, who quickly got the situation under control. We didn’t want our dog involved, firstly because I was concerned about the possibility of rabies (even though he’s vaccinated) but also because we wanted to make sure the problem was eliminated.

You can see the fence right behind the doomed beast. Behind that fence are our piglets: fourteen piglets who we are raising to feed ourselves and our friends And family.

It’s always sad to end a life. But we saved fourteen others in the compromise.