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What a ride~ Final Vegetable Delivery — Reflections

What a ride!

I just delivered my final veggie boxes for the 2015 season, and while I’m glad to have the break this winter, it also leaves me thinking a lot about what I did right, what I’d like to do better, and also try to figure out how to avoid the disasters that we inevitably faced as well.

The really great things we did:

We delivered 20 fresh veggie boxes, weekly, of what was in season and fresh.
Families enjoyed what they were receiving based on the shared pictures and emails we got from our clients.
We met some really important people, our customers, and were able to really build some relationships with people. ***That was pretty much the most awesome thing ever!!!

What I can do better:

Next year I want to get a few more “Important loveable vegetables” into the boxes. We really had a problem with Arugula and Spinach, and I feel there wasn’t enough Broccoli nor squash in our boxes. I’d also like to include more winter squash such as the beloved Acorn and Butternut squash. Plus the Brussel Sprouts didn’t succeed this year as they have in years past, so that’s my big goal for 2016.

Lots to think about, lots of planning already underway for 2016!


In the meantime, a huge thank you to :

Hayley and Michael

Parie, Adam, Soosan and Chris

Kat and Jesse

Erin and Fraser



Andy and Effie

Morgan and Randie

Lindsay and Alex

Lauren and Scott

Erica and Justin


Isabelle and Jay

Tyler and Mike


You’re the reason we do this!

Organic Vegetables

Organic Vegetables