Ketchup is a tomato hog

So busy. I mean, SoOo busy.

That’s how I feel, almost daily. Between keeping on top of all the day-to-day things (bills! Dishes! Laundry! Dinners!) there’s also the planning.

Okay, so we’ve got twenty pounds of tomatoes on the table, plus five pounds of cucumbers, four quarts of hot peppers, and a platter of yellow squash.  Fresh, for how long?

Basically for the past four weekends, Stubborn Boy and I have spent Saturday doing our outdoor chores, and Sundays indoors, canning and pickling.

We don’t have an awesome dill pickle recipe yet. We’ve tried three or four different recipes so far, but none of them knock our socks off yet. So we keep batching them weekly with different proportions of vinegar, dill, and garlic. *I am actually eagerly awaiting the day we can have a party and do a huge taste test.

As for the tomatoes, we were eating as many of them as we could, when I finally figured out we could just turn them into tomato paste and jarred crushed tomatoes. I have to say though, knowing how many tomatoes it takes to make tomato paste or ketchup, no wonder the rest of the world think we Americans are bonkers for ketchup. We batched up a couple of quarts of tomatoes, which yielded something like seven ice-cube size tomato paste balls.

And that, I guess, is where this is going.  I don’t think very many of us can say that we’re glutenous, but when you start realizing that it takes several pounds of tomatoes to make one little jar of ketchup, plus eight quarts of strawberries to make four quarts of jam, things start to go a little wonky in my head.

Well, I’d love to keep ranting, but I’ve got kale chips and a chard-stem bake in the oven. Later, with photos soon I promise!

You were just saying? I'm listening...