From Shepherdess to Stewardess

I decided a few years ago to become a shepherdess, after years of being a flight attendant. But I’ve gotta tell you, am I grateful to have that flying job now or I would have positively NO summer.

The original plan, I thought, was once I was on the farm I would have everything I needed. ***Goodbye city!  Goodbye airline! Hello, nature, woods, and animals!   (Man, was I dreaming…!)

Don’t get me wrong. I simply love being outside and I love working outside. I’m outside from just after breakfast until the sky starts to darken. I do a million things, and mostly, all of them require me to be outside in the fresh air. What a delight after years of being cooped up in a tin can flying at 40,000 feet. At the farm, I’m often still working outside when I get the call to come in for dinner.  *I always crack up when this happens; it reminds me of being ten-years-old again.

But seriously, here we are into the second summer, and I have to say, seeing everyone’s summer fun posts on Facebook (here’s me at the Hamptons! Here’s me camping with my family! Here’s the whole gang in Mexico!…) make me feel a little twinge of ~something.~ Not quite jealousy, but along those lines. Like a sort of “oh Man! I wish I could be doing that! That looks awesome!” feeling.

And that’s where being a stewardess (flight attendant) can really be a blessing.

It’s sort of mandatory relaxation time. I mean, it’s not like I can go weed the garden or check on the bees when I’m off in Tulsa (or Denver, or San Francisco… you get the idea).

The way it works as a flight attendant is this: I’m busy doing my job on the jet. From the time I sign in until I finish my last flight, I’m pretty much in polyester with a plastic smile glued onto my face. But when the day is done, if I am not back at base, it’s layover time! Layover time can be anywhere from eight hours (boo! hiss!) to 48 hours at my airline.

This month, I held 18 hour layovers, in San Diego no less, where not only is it a vacation paradise but I also have friends who live there. So I finally got to have a summer!

At the Glider Park

At the Glider Park


The woman who gave summer back to me!  Thanks Gina~!

The woman who gave summer back to me! Thanks Gina~!

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