I’ll do anything to stay out of the heat right now…

It’s like, a million degrees outside. Dog days of summer, indeed.  So I find it a little jarring to be putting in the winter crops. This is the first year I will actually get the winter crops into the ground in time. It’s one of those weird things; the soil temp feels about 80 yet I’m planting autumn peas, winter Kale and snow carrots.

I started the little seedlings a few weeks ago, and while they’ve managed to survive the porch, today after I put them into the ground I can almost visualize them gasping for water and cool air.

***I’m actually updating my post right now because I don’t want to be out there under the hot August sun any more than my poor little plants. I’ve found a million reasons to avoid the garden. (I should really can that Strawberry Rhubarb jam that is taking up space in my freezer. Ooh, it’s a really good time to start the laundry. I should cook a four-course-meal for lunch. That’ll only take me a few hours…)

Other than that, everything looks really good outside.  We have started eating the corn; I’ve dug up two buckets of potatoes and have about eight – twelve more buckets to get up. The tomatoes are starting to turn red, so canning tomato sauce is very near in my future. The cauliflower, of which I had given up hope of setting food, has started to head. I have enough beans to do a quick canning batch. *We bought a pressure canner! Hurrah! I’ve been sort of coveting one for years, and we just realized that we’ll never be able to have beans over the winter except the pickled variety, unless we a) bought a bigger freezer or b) got a pressure canner. So I’ll let you know how the beans turn out once it’s cold outside.

Well, those carrots and beets won’t plant themselves, and if I don’t get the escarole and chickory into the ground, it’s going to die and then I will likely cry.

(No seriously, I might cry. Yesterday afternoon I had forgotten to water the seedlings and they were all flopped over and looked seriously dead, and I found myself just so frustrated that the tears started pouring out of me. Stubborn Boy took over, watering them and nursing them back to health, and then he both comforted me for being so dramatic and he also chided me for being so. It’s always fifty-fifty with that one…)

You were just saying? I'm listening...