It’s almost Spring!

I love the way life feels when its Spring. I love getting the first warm breeze of spring against my cheek when I’m out walking, rather than the arctic blast of frozen ice that seems is the epitome of winter.

Spring is also the time to check out all the seed catalogs and start planning the garden for the year!  Yay!

I’m always really ambitious when it comes to the garden. I always want to try every single seed. And it never even bothers me that when it comes time to planting, I’m in the garden three times as long as everyone else because i’ve usually got hundreds of plants to dig into the earth.  I’ve been reading the seed catalogs over and over, comparing them to their competition and narrowing my choices down for the year.  I guess it really is important to pick the right seed, because in a climate like the one at Stubborn Girl Farm, you really only get to plant the vegetables once a year.

This year is a new planting zone for me. It’s colder than the zone at Stubborn Boy’s family home where we’ve had a garden the last five years.  We’re also way above sea level, so my little seedlings won’t get soaked by salt water levels.  I’ve always been so envious of people who just throw seeds in the ground and get amazing veggies. It was always such a struggle to plant out at Fire Island, where even the raised beds didn’t protect the plants from all the flooding.

And since this is the first year in our new planting zone, our new climate, I’m ordering seeds and planning on a gigantic humongous garden. Even though, I know in my heart of hearts that we’re still in a construction zone, that my plants could possibly get trampled by all the workboots stomping around the house. And since we don’t have time to spare from the house for fencing, I’m (rightly so) worried about the deer.  And it feels a little wrong to take precious dollars from our construction budget to put toward seed packets that might not work out anyway.  I know that we don’t have time to properly turn the soil on a double dig.

There are a million excuses why planting this year is a very bad idea.  But I don’t really care. Somehow I just think it’s all going to work out. I mean, I didn’t buy a farm just so I could have a really big yard. I bought a farm because it’s in alignment with my vision of my future. And there’s no point living in the future when the present is right here waiting for you.

Thrive on, little plants. Let’s all get on with this thing called living!

You were just saying? I'm listening...