My busy week…

Last Sunday in the middle of all the other chores we had to do, we realized that we needed to get the jam made if we were going to have anything to sell this year. Our own strawberry yard is not large enough nor established enough to harvest, so we decided to visit a U-Pick farm that we know about, and get the goods.

Stubborn Boy (SB) and I headed out to the neighbors’ field, and managed to harvest 21.5 pounds in just under 90 minutes. We came back with 16 heaping quarts of gorgeous red fruits.


*They’re as sweet and tasty as they look!

We ran back to our farm where I pulled out all of the equipment for jam making, and got to work setting us up.

Water bath canning pot filled, check. Cleaned all the jars and checked seals, check. Start jars sterilizing, check. Get strawberries cleaned and de-stemmed. Check.

At this point, SB came into the house and took over so I could run back to the garden and weed the rest of the lower gardens’ pumpkin and melon beds. I also harvested some produce that was ready. Mostly swiss chard and spinach, and the last of our garlic scapes.

First large harvest


Go team!

SB got dinner ready while I finished outside. Then after dinner, jam making commenced.

I managed to batch 24 jars of our strawberry jam plus a few little jars as samples. I made a jam of strawberries, lemon juice, sugar and a splash of cognac. It’s a recipe I started making a few years ago. The cognac adds an extra depth of flavor to the jam; you can’t taste the liquor but it deepens the sweetness of the product. I hope you can try some soon!

I forgot to take a photo of the finished product. We had so many strawberries that I actually only canned half of them. Since I had so many berries left over, I actually pickled two quarts of them from a recipe I had found and made last year. You can find the recipe in another post, Canning Log July 30 2013.

The rest of the berries went into the freezer, to be made into a Strawberry Basil Basalmic jam. I’ll make it once the basil gets large enough to harvest.

So, that was my Sunday. I went to bed around 1 am; up at 6 am to drive back to Brooklyn and get ready for my three-day trip as a stewardess. I’m currently on same trip; it seems to be the only time I have to write these blogs is during my down time on a layover. ~Oh the glamour of being a stewardess…

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