What we’re trying to do

Stubborn Girl Farm is currently under construction. Our vision is to start a bio-diverse farm featuring great produce, fruits and artisinal products, with a major focus on our creamery   where we make Spain-styled aged goat cheeses.

Kami (that’s me!), has spent time working in Spain and New York on goat farms, learning the trade and falling in love with the animals.  The Stubborn Boy comes from a restaurant background, having grown up in Manhattan where he’s been exposed to the highest quality restaurants since he was a boy.

Our idea started with the basic principle that food should taste fresh and delicious, it should be healthy and honest and not full of chemicals, and it should be raised as sustainably as possible.

As a gardener, I was always striving to grow enough food to feed myself and those around me, and the more land I dedicated to the project, the more I realized just how undervalued our food is in America. And still we as a culture reject our fresh produce in exchange for quick and easy, insta-meals and fast food.  I want to go back to a culture where I can raise my food, with enough left over to sell to make a little money. I don’t want to grow enough food to feed the planet. I want to grow enough food to feed 250 people very well.

Stubborn Girl is a bio-intensive farm. No MONO CROPPING!  Here at Stubborn Girl Farm we have an organic veggie patch, a fruit and nut orchard, and soon a barnyard full of animals who multitask between dairy duty and fertilizing the next generation of growth.

7 thoughts on “What we’re trying to do

  1. Stephanie LaMotte

    Kami – you are amazing! I love your idea and can’t wait to hear how it’s coming along!

  2. Mom

    Sounds like quite the adventure keep going you never know what you might find maybe some old cannon balls, like Aunt Catherine found.
    I always knew you were strong its fun to see you realize it too.
    Love you,

  3. Paul LaHaye

    It was great meeting your and talking about your farm! We are only hoping to be able to have a mini-version of what you do.
    (cancelled MIA-MSP)


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