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The house is coming along

Have you ever gutted a house? And then tried to rebuild it? It’s agonizing. It’s uplifting. It’s a lot of work…

We’ve been at it since October. First there was demolition of the upstairs. then we cleaned the basement. “Bagging the ick,” that’s my name for that horrible job. Spiders and cobwebs and thirty years of an indoor trash dump (sometimes you just have to ask yourself, Who Were These People? Seriously a trash heap in your house? Eww).

Then after weeks of bagging the ick, we were so filled up with trash that we couldn’t move and had to order a dumpster. Three weekends. Maybe four? I don’t remember anymore.

Next while getting to the bottom of why the floor in the bathroom squishes, we discover that the floor is just basically one or two floorboards away from collapse. Three trips to Lowes, one week just for the floor and wall panels, another two to get the toilet working. The wall plastering is still a work in progress. Plus running new plumbing fixtures and pipes. Three weeks ? More or less..

Next start demo on the main floor. Get halfway through. Realize you’re buried in trash, again. Order dumpster, again. Two weekends.

Realize that after three weeks of jacking up the house, you’re not fixing the unlevel part of the house, and are just making another part of the floor unlevel, so come up with plan B and cut out all of the floor joists. And then restring them using double joist brackets. Then subfloor. One weekend. Per floor. Per side of house. X 3 so far…  = three more weeks.

We’ve been at it since October. While it’s a lot newer than it was when we started, it still looks almost exactly the same. There’s something frustrating about that, if you ask me. Although the smells are a lot nicer. I’d rather smell glue and paint and sawdust, then smell animal and foul and yuck.