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The First Surprise

I got a first unfortunate surprise yesterday.

We have a signed contract for the farmhouse and land as of Saturday night, YEEAAY! But, during the signing the owner mentions the buckle in the roof and how it probably has to be replaced soon. Now, I didn’t immediately go into panic mode because I’ve got Fred, my partner, who is a general contractor and knows everything about everything *He always knows everything about everything according to himself. In construction things, at least, I tend to agree…*

But Freddy gets a little worried about this news, so we return to the farmhouse to take a quick walkthrough the next day, even though by this point we have the signed contract and the deposit has been made.  And while we’re there, I see pretty much the same house as before, but Fred sees a completely different house this time around. Basically nothing can be salvaged in the farmhouse, whereas before we thought we could salvage some doors and crown molding, and some of the other fine features of the home.  And sure enough, the roof has got to go… we actually could see daylight in about five places. And the windows are boarded up in there…


So in order to distract ourselves, we decide to walk the property line which we have only done a little, and WoW!  I have a lot of land! 22.4 acres, to be exact, and parcel is a long narrow strip that runs parallel to the Mohawk river in sort of a boomerang shape and it’s just brimming with brush and trees, and Fred and I are walking and talking and he says this:  “it’s a lot of work. It’s a LOT of work, Kam, so I just want to know. You think the goats are going to be happy here?”  And as I looked at him, I realized that the goats, if we had them already, would say: