My name is Kami, and I own a farm. My fiance is known as Stubborn boy, and we bought a house and 20 acres three years ago in upstate New York. This is us:
Plowed field 3


Nope, didn’t grow up on a farm. Nope, didn’t go to college for agriculture. Nope, didn’t even work in a related field. (Well, ahem, I ~am~ a flight attendant, and some passengers DO act like animals, but that is beside the point)

That’s how our story begins.  Stubborn Boy and I are creating a biodiverse farm on our 20 acres, in the Mohawk Valley of New York, right on the Erie Canal waterways and bike path. Just a few hours northwest of Greenpoint Brooklyn, where we’ve been for the past seven years.

I tend bees, and we’ve had a nice garden, and we’ve planted some apple trees and strawberries and started our little journey, and now… we’re going commercial!

We’ve committed ourselves to sharing our bounty and productivity this season, because people need awesome food and we have more than enough. And since we’re already doing the work, might as well work just a little bit more and have some produce to sell and maybe raise some chickens so that people can eat well and know the person growing their food rather than being reliant on labels on packaging at a supermarket where, lets fact it, you really are never ~quite~ sure what the heck they’ve done to your food. The only thing you have to worry about from me is trying to decipher my run-on sentences… ha!

So this is me:


A Stewardess

A Stewardess

And this is me:
Harvest - Autumn - pre frost - Kami - 2013

and I grow great food. And I cook great food. So if you are like me, and you want to cook some great food from great produce, then let me help you.

We’re selling CSA shares for 2015, and I’m only taking 30 people. Not because I’m an exclusive snob, but because I want this to be ~awesome~ for 30 people. I’m not sure I can provide great quality if I’m having to serve a Walmart nation.

So for now, I’ll let this post be and later I’ll explain the Stubborn Girl moniker. (yes, it’s me. And its appropriate)

xoxo Kami

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  1. donna

    nice web site, so sweet! I met stubborn boy at Bellaterra! and I am looking forward to having you try one of my delicious Cheviot sheep. We have talked and my cell is 518-369-2450. Happy harvesting and welcome to the Mohawk valley. DONNA BROOKS


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