Tomato ToMAto

I have a problem. Too many tomato plants. Its a huge problem.

Actually, I was trying to be clever. Years ago, before we had the farm, I had a garden. In my garden, I raised 18 tomato plants. I thought this would be enough to feed 4 adults and two vegetarian teenagers. Well, just so we’re clear: the cherry tomatoes never made it into the house because the teenagers would swipe them right off the bush. And the big boys made it to the table daily. Whatever was ripe that day went right onto the table, so there were never any left for turning into sauce or salsa. It turns out, my people eat a lot of tomatoes. I mean, they eat A LOT of tomatoes.

So, because I now have a farm, and I now have crazy loads of space, I went a little nutto. I bought about 12 variety of tomato seeds. And to ensure I would have plenty of starts, I planted 6 seeds of each variety, thinking the germination levels might be off.  Hmm.

Everything came up. I have approximately 80 tomato plants, even after having culled the herd. Whats more, my six people is now two people most of the time. We still love tomatoes, but there’s a limit to how many two people can eat. Thank goodness the vegetarian teenagers (Stubborn Girls) will come to our rescue for a few weeks in summer.

So I’ve been giving away a few tomato plants to close friends of mine. I’ve even offered some for DONATION basis on craigslist. But even with all of these crazy tomato starts there is a part of me that zealously guards them. I worked so hard, for so long, to get them to where they are. And they are gorgeous!  And they smell amazing.  You will just have to visualize the aroma of tomato vine wafting up to your nostrils right now, that fresh green smell that makes your mouth salivate just a little as you can almost taste the sweet acid of its delicious fruits on your tongue…

Did I mention, I really REALLY like tomatoes!

We were planted on April 11th, born April 15th, 2013!

We were planted on April 11th, born April 15th, 2013!


2 thoughts on “Tomato ToMAto

  1. et

    Fun and infomative journaling! Two questions…..What did happen to the ceiling joists?….Where are my tomatoes? Good stuff…..could almost cause me to go on Facebook.

    1. Kami Post author

      Thanks for the questions~!
      1) we ended up replacing all of the floor / ceiling joists throughout the entire house. While a part of me was NOT happy about that (oh, the costs! Oh, the extra work!), another part of me thinks, “Well, at least saggy floors will never be a problem for me again…).

      2) the tomatoes are coming. I currently have about 40 tomato plants growing, representing about 10 varieties of that wonderful fruit. Some of my plants have already started setting tomatoes, and most of them are flowering so it should be any day now when I walk into the garden and notice a splash of red dangling off a vine. That will be an exiting day!

      For now, we will all just have to comfort ourselves with the gorgeous radishes, spinach, strawberries, peas and Swiss chard that are ready today.


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