Wasting the planet away…

Working on a jet often feels wasteful to me. Imagine serving 150 people a drink of water. Using 150 small plastic cups. Now imagine we do that same drink service two or three times.  I don’t know about you, but my mom would KILL me  when I was little if I didn’t reuse the same glass.  One last thing to imagine. That all of that plastic was NOT recycled, and went right into the trash.

This all used to go into the trash. Can you imagine?

This all used to go into the trash. Can you imagine?

That happens on airplanes every day. There used to be this law that said we HAD to throw plastic, even cans, into the trash on international flights. Something about burning all international trash to not potentially allow foreign bacteria into non-native countries.

Seriously? Plastic is a non-native species that could contaminate countries? Sure; it can contaminate their waste streams…

Then a bunch of flight attendants who said, “I’m recycling whether you like it or not” started taking the trash off the jet, into the terminal, to dump it into the recycling bins in the airports. Then we got yelled at and threatened for “stealing.” Sorry, airline; didn’t realize that trash was so precious to you.

Then the company instituted a new set of recycling initiatives. Yay!  So now we recycle cans, plastic, and newspapers.

Except sometimes, my crew members don’t like recycling cups. After all, a strangers’ mouth has been on it. Ew!  (Haven’t you people heard of soap and water?)

As for me, I recycle. It just makes me feel less wasteful. Also, you use far fewer trash bags when you recycle and stack the cups and bottles. As an experiment, I sorted things into four categories. Also, if (WHEN!) they make recycling mandatory, I’m all up to speed. Go me!

Compostables, plastic and paper, cans, and trash.  My company doesn’t accept compostables just yet.  *Although, wouldn’t that be cool?

Sorting the "haul." Compost, plastics, paper, aluminum.

Sorting the “haul.” Compost, plastics, paper, aluminum.

After snapping this shot, I actually took the compostables in a plastic bag and dragged them around with me. But confession time… it was pretty gooey work. The coffee grounds were all leaky and the cardboard coffee aprons and sandwich boxes were bulky, and it made my life rather unpleasant. Not to mention a little oderous, so for now, I’ll sort them and hope someone at the catering kitchen takes it a step further.

Who knows? Maybe if I have some free time between flying a full flight schedule and running a farm, I can even be the one to start it.

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