Winter CSA 2015 Flyer

Big News!
We now have a winter meat share for 2015

We are offering 13 weeks of our pasture raised, organic beef, chicken and pork. When you sign up, you’ll be pre-paying for thirteen weeks of delivered meat. Each package will contain a pound of ground beef, a half pound of bacon, a roasting broiler chicken and one specialty item. (Think: pork chops, short ribs, etc).

When you sign up, you’re entitled to thirteen deliveries. You can take them every week, every other week, or you can even double up a week in case you were planning a party or having company in town.

If you like, you can even add in weekly deliveries of our homemade bread or fresh eggs.

The flyer link and a sign up sheet are below as click links. If you’d like more details, please email us at:

Stubborn Girl CSA Winter 2015 Flyer
Stubborn Girl CSA Winter 2015 Sign Up

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