“We don’t want to feed the world. Just 250 people really well

Our Practices

Work in harmony with mother nature to create a sustainable planet.

Our principles.

Beyond “organics;” we believe in producing food that is not only healthy for us but the environment as well. We focus on sustainability, biological diversity and supporting the land for future generations.

Pest management is done by encouraging beneficial insects, plant rotation, and inter-planting crops for predator intervention. Crop selection is based on climate compatibility and taste. Whenever possible we try and plant heritage and heirloom varietals.

We only use organic pesticides as last resorts.

Our animals are humanely raised on pasture and only treated with antibiotics or medication as a life saving intervention. We stay small on purpose. Quality is important and staying small allows us to notice the details.

A little about us.

At Stubborn Girl Farm food is our passion. Located on the banks of the Mohawk River in Fort Plain, NY, Stubborn Girl is situated on a former organic dairy farm. We offer produce, pastured eggs, pork, and beef with more products to come.

The produce and pork are grown on farm while eggs and beef are sourced from like-minded neighbors.