Have a seat at the table. Dinner is almost ready, and we’re glad you’re here

Meet Farmer Kami, owner of Stubborn Girl Farm

Let’s be clear. Good food is awesome~!

Food might be one of the greatest enjoyments within our reach. You’ve got a limited amount of meals you can eat in one lifetime, so why not make each one of them count? And a great meal starts with top ingredients.

At our farm, we raise vegetables for their taste. We start by finding the best flavors nature has to offer. Imagine eating a tomato that tastes like it came from your grandma’s garden. Unpacking a weekly bag of our produce for us is like aromatherapy. You’ll be so blown away by the freshness and flavor, it’s hard to resist eating everything all at once.

We’re proud of what we grow, and we’re excited to partner with families that can appreciate the simplicity of great meals with simple, fresh ingredients.

Direct from your personal farmer. Won’t you consider joining us?

16 Weeks of Veggies

Johnstown New York, Wednesdays, June 24 – October 7

Fort Greene, Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Bklyn, Thursdays, June 25th – October 8

Email us today to get started: Info@stubborngirlfarm.com