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I will keep on keeping on…


Happy Spring y’all! It’s been a little chuggy lately… chuggy is like a combustable engine that fires up but could quit any time… like our tractor, old blue, lol.

Maybe my favorite part about spring is seeing what mother nature is going to give me in abundance this year. As my CSA members can likely attest, every year brings crops in abundance and barely there.

Our first year we had so, SO much Swiss Chard. Also tomatoes were amazing that year.

In year 2, that was the year of the Piricicaibo broccoli that wouldn’t quit! I felt like a rockstar farmer, doling out broccoli florets every week in the veggie bags.

2020 was the year of the eggplant, 2021 was the year of string beans…

It’s unpredictable, which is both nerve-wracking but also fun like trying to solve a puzzle. Just how many meals ~can~ one make with Swiss Chard? (Lots, by the way…)

I love my Customer Supported Agriculture family… CSA for short. It really does feel like we’re a family… I put everything I have into it: heart, guts and soul. And while it’s a lot of hot / sticky / itchy / blotchy / buggy / muddy / dirty / dusty / sunburnt / days, there’s also these fine moments where i just sit to catch my breath, on my butt in my coveralls on the dirt near the plants, and i just take the moments to breathe, to tune into the plants and watch the bumblebees crashing into the borage flowers… where time and aches disappear and it’s just calm and in the moment and it feels like i am perfectly aligned with the world.

If you don’t know what this feels like, I’m sure these words on this page are baffling. But if you ~do ~ know what I’m talking about, I hope that peace finds you in surprising ways, with or without a garden. And if you need a spot to come and experience it, hit us up. I’ve always got work for an extra set of hands… lol.

Happy Friday night all… if you want to know what all the veggies are about, send us an email or sign up for a box! Just think: you can get weekly veggies delivered to your door without all of the itchy / buggy / muddy / dusty / sunburnt…

Xo from afar(m), K

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